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Music Equalizer


Mo City Radio brings together curated playlists that includes indie artists & major artist. We provide a space for their voices to be heard and shared with the world through our online radio platform. Our mission is to support and promote artists of all genres and backgrounds, while creating a sense of community among music lovers everywhere.  

dreams quiet storm

MON - FRI  12AM - 6am

overnight mix

Mo Morning Mix

MON - FRI  6am - 9am

Work Flow Mix

Brunch Mix 9am-12pm.png

Brunch Mix

MON - FRI  9AM - 12PM


Mo Lunch Mix

MON - FRI 12PM - 3PM

Lunch Box Flow

Drive Time Mix

MON - FRI 12PM - 3PM

Drive Time Flow

Ultimate RAP playlist

MON - FRI 6PM - 10PM

RAP Flow

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